I consider this image as a visual clear representation of information, it covers the goals you have for your content program. It also provides a detailed visual explanation of content strategy by introducing some basic steps that should be included in a content strategy through the process of planning the right content to meet the goals of a website. It also provides guidance for the improvement and sustainability. This covers the goals you have for your content program, and details of each phase.




It successfully defined the sources required for creating and executing our plan. On the other hand, it is limited by its simplicity, this diagram introduces the viewer to a lot of opportunities that should be used for a content strategy but, for me, it doesn’t show what a content strategy is. I see that this image brings together all opportunities to influence the thinking and behavior of audiences through the use of diverse social web approaches but could not be considered as a complete content strategy. After looking at this image, I know what items are involved in a content strategy which makes clear the importance of each element but it does not provide a roadmap.


3- Content Marketing Strategy

I see the below image a full picture of a comprehensive content strategy describing the tactics that will lead to the accomplishment of an organizational’s goal. It describes actions to be taken, also identifying which ways and channels to be used in addition to their outcome.  But I think that assessment and measurement should be included in it.